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by Jay L. Rogers

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Kanohwahke Lake

First Scout Camp Machine Cancel



Kanohwahke Lake, NY

Example on message side of Bear Mountain Landing—End of Boy Scouts' river hike postcard.

The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, NY. Published by Boy Scout Camps, Kanohwahke Lakes, Tuxedo, NY.

The machine cancel was used during the summer camp seasons of 1928 & 1929.

One other example is known, also on a postcard, dated 08/12/29

About These Cancellations

Kanohwahke Lake, New York, in Orange County, was the first of only six seasonal post offices within the

boundaries of Scout camps and on camp property.   Each had their own cancellers that included the

Camp's name.   In 1917, summer Scout camps serving the New York City area, started moving from

Bear Mountain to the new Lower, Middle & Upper Kanohwahke Lakes in the new Interstate Park. Mail

was posted in Tuxedo, NY.   In 1925, with over 30 different Scout camps to serve, the new post office

was established.   It was in use through 1929 when the new Ten Mile River Scout Camps, in turn, became

fully operational.   Today the Lower & Middle Lakes are named Lake Kanawauke & the Upper Lake is Little

Long Pond.   The park is now Harriman State Park.

Cancellations have only been found on Scout picture postcards.   Covers remain unknown.   Listed values

here reflect the quality & condition of the actual pieces shown.

KL-HC             KL-HC-PC8-23-25

Kanohwahke Lake

First Scout Camp Cancel



Kanohwahke Lake, NY

Example on message side of Camp Leeming mess hall postcard.

The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, NY.   Published by Boy Scout Camps, Kanohwahke Lakes, Tuxedo, NY.

The hand cancel was used during the summer camp seasons, 1925 — 1929.

With every character of the cancel clearly legible, this is the finest strike known (to the author). By

comparison, the image in the Print Catalog is an enhanced composite of two different cancels.


O-C-7-31-29       O-PC-7-31-29


Early Owasippe Scout Camp Cancel with Different Spelling


Example on 07/31/29

Owasippi, MI

Photo Postcard

The Owasippi Post Office, on camp property, opened on 8/9/24. The Postal Bulletin, Washington,

June 29, 1929 states "Post Office Name Changed Owasippi, Mich., to Owasippe. Effective August 1, 1929."

The non-philatelic example shown is remarkable because it is the last day of use. [An 8/9/29 example

properly shows the spelling as Owasippe]. Another Owasippi example is postmarked Aug 5 but the year

didn't print. This could not be from 1929 and Aug 5, 1928 was a Sunday. Thus the cover is from 1927,

or earlier, and is the earliest cover the Editor is currently aware of.

If we can record a 1924 Owassipi, it would become the earliest [known] US Scout cancellation.


The Five Different "U.S. Frigate Constitution" Cancels on "Old Ironsides in Canal Zone" cachet #34-2


Balboa Canal Zone    Earliest Usage of #34-2 "Old Ironsides In Canal Zone"


04/02/34   Balboa, CZ   Printed   Black

The Constitution arrived in Balboa at 6:08pm, 04/02/34, & departed on 7:27am, 04/07/34.   endnotes ¹   p 32

The addressee, H.W. Hodge, was the Postmaster of Cristobal. The Constitution's Mail Clerk, Harry Moore,

used and applied ship cachets at most ports along the route of the Constitution's farewell cruise from

1931 through 1934. The ship cachet on the front is S-6 in purple & C-80 in black (#34-2b printed) is the

Boy Scout cachet. On the back is S-7 in purple. This is the USCS/Gwynne nomenclature.   endnotes ¹   pp 4-5

This H.W. Hodge / Balboa / C-80 cover is a "new" find first appearing on the market in 2017.

The definitive Catalog on the subject, Wentworth & Karrer, Jr, published in 2012, 45 pages, states that the

C-80 cachet was only used on April 7 with the "Transit of Ped Miguel Locks" cancel.   endnotes ¹   p 43


Transit of Pedro Miguel Locks in the A.M.

$20    $25 /ship cachet

Most Common Cancel Used on #34-2   Equally common as #34-2a rubber stamped

04/07/34   Pedro Miguel, CZ   #34-2b Printed     Black

In Pedro Miguel on April 7 the covers were erroneously backstamped "March 7". The error was caught

and the covers were backstamped a second time with the correct "April 7". A few covers exist with

only the March 7 date as well as only the April 7 date.


Transit of Pedro Miguel Locks in the A.M. with Blue Cancel


04/07/34   Pedro Miguel, CZ   #34-2a Rubber stamped black & S-7 black   #10 envelope

Neither ship cancels used in conjunction with #34-2, nor colored cancels are common.


The "S" Bar Incomplete Cancel


The cover is cancelled April 7 A.M. 1934 & is backstamped "Pedro Miguel / April 7 / 9 AM C.Z". What

we don't know is where the Constitution was in its journey through the Canal when the cancel was used.

Now this is conjecture, but It's not improbable that Postmaster Hodge prepared a cover(s) when the

Constitution was halfway through the Canal. This would put it at San Pablo, A construction town that shows

on the 1904, 1908 & 1912 Canal Zone maps. And "San Pablo / C.Z." would fit perfectly in the bar.

Furthermore, there is no other place starting with an "S" between Balboa and San Pedro. BUT, if this

argument is to hold water,....then the A.M. times on both the front & back cancels can't be accurate.

I'm afraid that more information is needed about this otherwise unrecorded cover.


Transit of Panama Canal in the P.M


04/07/34   Penalty Cover   Along the last half of the trip through the Canal.

A penalty cover, Navy Dept., Official Business. Autographed "Commander Louis J. Gulliver U.S.N.

Captain of the U.S. Frigate Constitution 1931-1934".


Cristobal Canal Zone     End of Cruise through the Canal in the P.M.


04/07/34   Cristobal, CZ   #34-2b Printed   Black

On 04/07/34 The Constitution departed Balboa at 7:27am and arrived in Cristobal at 6:57pm.

The Constitution got underway for St. Petersburg, FL at 6:29am on 04/08/34. endnotes ¹   p 35

endnotes ¹

"The USS Constitution - 1932 &1934 transits of the Panama Canal / Introduction & Historical Chronology"

2012   Roger A. Wentworth and Robert J. Karrer, Jr / 45 Pages / Universal Ship Cancellation Society (USCS)



Ten Mile River     Machine Cancel


08/19/42   Ten Mile River, NY   Used through 1953.

Example on Ten Mile River Scout Camps Camp Headquarters stationery


6th SC Cancel & card

Many Point     Sixth Scout Camp Cancel   Hand


07/29/47   Many Point, MN

Example on Boy Scouts of America Postcard ©1947 National Supply Service Cat No 3056.

Many Point Boy Scout Camp opened in 1946. The Camp had its own PO from 1947 through 1951.

The Post Office was on Camp property in the Trading Post. The building is now the Commissary.

In 1952 the Camp PO closed and mail went through the Ponsford, MN PO, which it does to this day.

Many Point is located within Toad Lake Township of Becker County.


Owasippe Reg Cancel         Owasippe Reg


Cover Front


Cover Back



Second Scout Camp Cancel


"Registered" Hand Stamp



Owasippe, MI


Registered Special Delivery on #38-1b

Sent In the 5th week of the Camp's 1946 season, this was only the 4th piece of registered mail.

This red "Registered" hand stamp & registered cover is the only recorded example from a Scout

Camp post office.

Also see an image of the cover front 4 bar duplex cancel & #38-1a on page 46 of the print

catalog.   See #38-1b on page 274 of Additions & Corrections in the 1930s decade.


6 6-28-50 C-PC

2nd National Jamboree    Valley Forge, PA    Cancel #6


  First Day of Use of First Scout Machine Cancel

Change:   Change dates of use from 07/01/50 - 07/08/50   to  06/28/50 - 07/08/50

The Jamboree was held officially June 30 - July 7.  The cancel was in use for 2 days before the official

opening & for 1 day after the official closing.  These dates are scarce.  Most mail on June 30 had

the First Day of Issue cancel.  Those with Cancel #6 are scarce.

    Value        June 28


    Value        June 29

$ 75

    Value        June 30

$ 75

    Value        July 1 thru July 7

$ 25

    Value        July 8

$ 75


MRS-1.1a+b              MRS-1-PC7-15-54

Massawepie Rural Station


Fifth Scout Camp Cancel


Type I


07/15/54 & 07/25/60

Tupper Lake, NY   Massawepie Rur. Sta.

1954 Example on message side of Massawepie Scout Camps trails postcard.

Dextone Dexter Press, Pearl River, NY.   Published by Marks & Fuller, Rochester, NY.

This 4-bar hand cancel, type I, was in use from 1954 through 1960.   Types II, III & IV

were in use 1961 through 1969 and are cataloged in Volume III.

The Massawepie Scout Camps opened in 1952.   The Camps are located in the southeast corner of

St. Lawrence County, NY, within the 110 square mile Town of Piercefield.   Also within the Town,

and close to the Camp, are the hamlets of Childwold, Gale & Piercefield.   For the first two years

a limited postal service was provided at Childwold.   Starting in 1954, service was provided by the

Tupper Lake, NY post office in Franklin County, 13 miles east of the Camp.   The Massawepie Rural

Station PO itself was within the Camp boundaries & on Camp property.

See a 1952 Cover from the Camp in the Corner Card Section of US Covers.



Owasippe Rural Station    2nd Scout Camp Cancel    Type III



Whitehall, MI   Owasippe Rur. Sta.   4 Bar cancel first year of use

Example on message side of Camp West Ranger Lodge Owasippe Scout Camps postcard.

Bervin Johnson, Photographer, Whitehall, MI



4th National Jamboree    Valley Forge, PA    Cancel #9

Change:   Change dates of use from 07/12-18/57 to 07/9-22/57 ¹

The Jamboree was held officially July 12 - July 18.  The cancel was in use for 3 days before the official

opening & for 4 days after the official closing.  These dates are scarce.

    Value        July 9-11


    Value        July 12-18

$ 3

    Value        July 19-22


¹ United States Postal Slogan Cancel Catalog,   Luff, Moe