Letters & Mailings

by Jay L. Rogers

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These are contents of the following:

a.  Corner Cards in this section

b.  Cachet corner card covers in the Levy Cachet Cover Print Catalog.

c.  Corner cards in the Online "Additions" section

d.  Corner cards in the Online "Volume III" section

The envelopes - or covers - they came in are referenced.

Whereas "Inserts" are generally created specifically for the cachet cover they are inserted in, and

are thus secondary in nature,  here the contents themselves are primary and the envelopes

they were mailed in also are collectable covers.

There is no goal here of cataloging all the letters ever written. The group simply shows examples

of material of historical interest that can be found, sometimes surprisingly, inside covers.


02/03/1913   Letter from Elroy, WI Headquarters

Mailed in 1913 cover.   See 13-1 in "Additions", 1910s Decade.

This letter shows the organization of Scouting in Elroy, WI on Feb. 3, 1913. The leaders of the

National Organization are at the top. Elroy Scouting had a Headquarters, Officers,

Financial Committee, a City Scout Council & a Scoutmaster. Regions, Councils & Districts

came later. The first Council in Wisconsin wasn't organized until 1915. Black on 8½" x 11" sheet.


06/03/1917   Liberty Loan Campaign Letter, National Council, BSA

Mailed in 1917 cover.   See it in Cnc. National Council, BSA Corner Cards catagory

Typed on National Council stationery   Black on 8½" x 11" sheet.


06/03/1917   Liberty Loan Campaign Flyer, National Council, BSA

Mailed along with above letter in same 1917 cover.   See the cover in:

Cnc. National Council, BSA Corner Cards.  Printed   Black on 8½" x 11" sheet.


08/02/1917   Letter & Ribbon from Scoutmaster Troop Four, Schenectady, NY

Refer to 17-3 in the "Additions" section.

Printed   Blue on blue 8½" x 11" sheet typed in violet.


08/07/1919   Associate Member Certificate, National Council, BSA

Mailed in 1919 Boy Scout Week Cover.   See 19-1 in the Print Catalog.

Printed   Multicolored on 8⅜" x 11" sheet.


1919 Girl Scout Uniform Regulations & Officers of the Girl Scouts of Philadelphia

Refer to the 1919 Girl Scouts of Philadelphia cover in the Corner Cards section.

The four page "Regulations" is a 6" x 6⅜" sheet folded in half.

The "Officers" sheet is 6" x 3".


12/19/25   Fund Raising Letter, Iron Range Area Council

Enclosure in 25-4. See 25-4 in "Additions", 1920s Decade.

Typed   Stationery   Iron Range Area Council, Iron Mountain, MI.


1926 Lone Scout Division Degree Report Card    Front & Back

5,000 printed February 1926 as indicated in the upper left corner.

Refer to the 1926 Lone Scout Division cover in the Corner Cards section.

This card indicates that the Lone Scout Division of the BSA started in 1926 and not 1927

as stated in the side bar story on pages 10 & 11 of the Print Catalog.


Crater Lake Council, Medford, OR   First Flight Announcement


Medford, OR


Multicolored with Black Rubber stamped First Flight cachet.

Refer to 1926 cover in C. Corner Cards

Medford Post 15 American Legion


01/18/27   Bill from Boys' Life

Enclosure in 27-0.1

See 27-0.1 in "Additions", 1920s Decade.

J. Emory Renoll of Hanover, PA was a stamp dealer who advertised in the classified section of Boys' Life

between 1917 & 1930.


Enrollment, Rates, What to Take to Camp Yawgoog.


Providence, RI

Printed black 8½" x 11"sheet.

Sheet was folded in thirds and mailed.   

Refer to 28-0.1 in the "Additions" Section, 1920s Decade.

Greater Providence Council, Providence, RI


Letter from James E. West to Lone Scout   Department of Rural Scouts

07/26/29   New York, NY   Typed   Blue on blue

Refer to 29-0.3. See 29-03 in "Additions", 1920s Decade.


Letter Home From Camp Hutchins


Pana, IL


Green on green 6" x 9½" sheet.

Hand written in pencil.

"Dear Irma, I am having a better time than I have with you...." Irma probably was Harold's sister.

Camp Hutchins, National Trails Area Council, Pana, IL


See 29-3 in "Additions", 1920s Decade.


01/05/34 Letter from Riverside County Council, Riverside, CA

Refer to the 01/07/34 cover addressed to Mrs. Guy Bogart in the Corner Cards section.

Mimeographed in violet on Council stationery.   The 4 p.m. tea was complimentary. Dinner was fifty cents.


07/07/34 Letter from Nicolet Council, Green Bay, WI

Refer to the 07/07/34 FDC addressed to James E. West in the U. Scout Addressees section.

Typed on Council Stationery.    Evidentally West took the Scout Executive's advice and gave the cover to his son.


11/28/34   Autograph Signature Letter from Daniel Carter Beard, Suffern,NY

Refer to 34-3.4d in the "Additions" Section, the cover in which this letter was mailed.

This is the stationery that Beard used as Chairman of the National Court of Honor.

Red overprint on black & blue National Council stationery.


11/15/35 Letter from Philippine Council, Manila, P.I.

Refer to the 1935 Philippine Council cover in the Corner Cards section.

Mimeographed in black on plain 8½" x 11" sheet.

Only the printed portion is shown.


05/01/36 Letter from Salt Lake Council, Salt Lake City, UT

Refer to 36-4.2a in the "Additions" Section.

Mimeographed in black on pale green 8½" x 11" sheet.

Only the printed portion is shown.


06/17/39 Letter from Charles R. Peatfield, Boston Sea Scouts

Mailed in #39-6a (See the Print Catalog), the first day of the first Sea Scout cover.

Peatfield was the Cachet Director for the iconic 31 cachet series issued over a three year period.

The 1939 Annual Long Cruise was referred to in the cachets as the "New York World's Fair Cruise".

Mimeographed in black on 8½" x 11" sheet.

Only the printed portion is shown.

There is some philatelic history here. Up to this point in time what was actually being sold were Cachets,

not Covers, at least in most cases. You sent a stamped, self addressed envelope to the cachet director,

he applied the cachet and mailed it back to you. That explains the seemingly endless variety of covers for any

one cachet AND......it explains why the First Edition of this Catalog in 1956 was entitled Boy Scout Cachets

of the United States. Levy cataloged cachets, not covers.


06/15/48 Letter from Columbiana Council, Lisbon, OH

Refer to "Additions", 48-3.1 in 1940s decade.

Typed in black on 8½" x 11" sheet.



11/22/48 autograph note from Edith D Johnston, Savannah, Ga.

Refer to 48FD-98 in the "Additions" Section, 1940s Decade.

Johnston was the first National Secretary (now Chief Executive Officer) of the Girl Scouts,

June 1, 1913 to June 1, 1914.   Handwritten in ink on manila filler card.


Detroit Area Council Preliminary Application for 2nd Jamboree


Detroit, MI



8½"x11" sheet folded in thirds to make 6 page flyer.

Used as self mailer.

5 panels are shown here.   See the cover, 50-.02 in the Additions Section.


06/30/50 Letter from the St. Louis Council to their "Friends of Scouting"

Refer to 50FD-3a in the "Additions" Section, 1950s Decade.

Letter was sent in a FDC from the National Jamboree.


06/30/50 Letter To The Editor of Oshkosh Daily Northwestern

Refer to 50FD-3b in the "Additions" Section, 1950s Decade.

Letter was sent in a FDC from the National Jamboree.


08/09/51 Letter From Rockland County Council, Munsi Lodge 444 W.W.W.

Refer to 51-0.3 in the "Additions" Section, 1950s Decade.

Mimeographed on Council stationery.


12/52    Letter from Bristol Council, Bristol, CT

Refer to the 1952 Bristol Council cover 52-11 in Additions   1950s section.

Mimeographed in black on plain 8½" x 11" sheet.


07/24/62    Texas Refinery Corp.

Girl Scout First Day Cover

3⅞" x 8⅞" 4 side folded mailer with attached reply card regarding a sales position

opening. A sidebar note on the mailer provides information on the stamp issue

& tells what a first day cover is.



The 4th side is 62FD-65b, the actual FDC.

See it in Vol III 1962 GS FDCs.


8/67    Letter note from Howard Foster explaining #18a cancel.

Refer to #18a in the Cancellations section.

Typed on green index card.

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