Paul Siple

by Jay L. Rogers

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These are primarily Paul Siple polar covers without any Scouting elements, other than the addressee.


Autographed Paul A. Siple   Byrd Antarctic Expedition I

The early history of this cover isn't clear [to the Editor] as it appears to be mailed from San Francisco

on May 3, 1929 as well as Port Chalmers, [Dunedin] New Zealand on 3 MY 29, the same date.

It is backstamped with what amounts to a receiving postmark, June 3, 1929, East Orange, NJ with 2

postage, possibly postage due.

The reintroduction of this cover, or its late history, is clear. It is connected to the Siple Massillon's 32-0.9a &

32-0.9b in the 1930s decade of this Catalog. All 3 covers have the same Mar 29, 1932 8:00pm cancel &

are franked with some of the same stamps. This cover is autographed with the same pen & red ink

as 32-0.9a.


Autographed Paul A. Siple   Byrd Antarctic Expedition II


Little America, Antarctica

Rubber stamped


Official Cachet

To Abraham Lincoln Council, Springfield, IL


Autographed Paul A. Siple   Generic Naval Anchor


Cincinnati, OH




Autographed Paul A. Siple  South Pole  1956-57    61

11/29/57 & 11/29/61

Pole Station Antarctica U.S.N.

Rubber stamped

Black & violet

The cachet was designed by Siple and bears his initials, "PAS", above the word "POLE".


Autographed Paul A. Siple   South Pole     Richard L. Chappell   Little America


Pole Station Antarctica U.S.N.

Rubber stamped


Chapell was the Eagle Scout who was part of Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica during the 1957-1958 International Geophysical Year (IGY)

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