Merit Badge Cards

by Jay L. Rogers

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In the past, Scouts were responsible for making arrangements with merit badge counselors themselves.   Arrangements included the preparation of both appointment & application cards, some of these being designed for mailing.   However, mailing was not required and the majority never were.

N-1 front
N-1 back

Application Card Front      Back


Long Island City, NY


Black on Salmon

Boy Scout Foundation of Greater New York, Queens Council

N-2 front
NM-2 back

Application Card Front      Back


Jamaica, NY



Greater New York Councils, Queens Council

N-3a  M-3c
N-3e  M-3b

Attached Appointment & Response Card

The response card was neither used nor mailed and remains attached.

Both cards, front & back, shown to left.     Both sides of the complete open card shown to right.


New York, NY

Greater New York Councils, Manhattan Council.

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