by Jay L. Rogers

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These are the printed contents, or "inserts", inside of the cachet covers listed in the Levy Cachet Cover Print Catalog, the Online Additions & the Online Volume III.


30-10 insert

Refer to 30-10    Girl Scouts Welcome ! Byrd in the Print Catalog

The opened back & front, and then the inside of this 8" x 10½" sheet are shown.   This was folded in half to make a four page program.


33-9, 10, 11 insert

Refer to 33-9, 10, 11 in the Print Catalog & in the Online Additions.

This six page 6" x 3½" folder is a single side printed 12" x 10½" sheet folded in half and then folded in thirds.


40-18a insert


40-18b insert

Refer to 40-18 in the Print Catalog & 40-18 in the Online Additions.


42-1 insert

Refer to 42-1 in the Print Catalog.

This is a microfilm photocopy of Senator Capper's "Patriotic Attitude" speech as entered into the Congressional Record.   It is reversed here for clarity.


56-24 insert

Refer to 56-24 in the Print Catalog.   3" x 5" green index card Barbecue program.   This was stapled to hand outs at sign in.   Extras were inserted in only some of the covers.

J-5 frontJ-5 back

60FD-54 insert

Refer to 60FD-54 in the Print Catalog.    Front & back of 6¼" x 3½" brown card.


60-131.2 insert

Troop 180, Holden MA, International trip.

Refer to 60-131.2 in 1960 in the Online Additions.


63-2 insert

Southeast District Klondike Derby

Refer to 63-2 in 1963 in Volume III Online.

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