Levy's Boy & Girl Scout Cachet Covers
of the United States


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Levy's Boy & Girl Scout Cachet Covers of the United States
Volume I & II   1910 - 1960       2nd Edition       by Jay L. Rogers

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It has been over 50 years since Sheldon S. Levy published the First Edition of Boy Scout Cachets of the United States.  That work, a 64 page booklet, listed 244 covers with 187 cachets imaged.  Later, Mellone's Specialized Catalog of First Day Covers listed and illustrated 177 different cachets for the 1948, 1950 and 1960 US Scout issues.

This "2nd Edition" is a chronologically arranged, fully illustrated, priced catalog of Boy and Girl Scout cachet covers of the USA, including Canal Zone, from 1910 through 1960; USA Scouting's first 50 years.  The work images 1,221 complete covers, not just the cachets.

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Levy Catalog Back Cover

Including color and other varieties, there are 1,590 covers catalogued, numbered, priced and checklisted.  All covers are to the same scale of 57% and quality of reproduction is such that virtually all text is legible.  There are 564 different FDCs listed.  Add-ons and one- of-a-kind are not included in the Catalog.

All of the cachet covers, including the FDCs, are catalogued and numbered using just one system and new finds can be added without changing any existing numbers. "Unknown" and "Unlisted" as descriptions are no longer necessary.

Also, and never before published, all 21 different Scout cancellations through 1960 are shown together, full size, as are the National Council seals & labels.  There are story side bars, appendices and a full index that supply still more information.

In addition to everything else, the Catalog is actually a grass roots history of USA Scouting. The reader can find out what Scouts and Troops themselves were doing and really interested in from 1930 through 1960.  For the Scouting enthusiast, even if he or she doesn't collect US cachet covers, the Catalog will still be a most interesting read.